College subscription and registration information

The department is chosen according to the rates obtained by the students in high school in addition to the students' will. The results of acceptance are shown after conducting a competition between the students depending on the rats and desire. Also, students have to read the guide before filling the forms and first thing students should do is going to the registration department in the college.

Documents needed for registration

  • 1- Open for new students admitted to record.
  • 2- To organize a file of each student and contains: -

           - Nationality and citizenship certificate.
            - Form to install information.
            - Photo number (6).
            - Medical examination.
            - Ensure.

Higher and lower limits of admission in the college of Medicine

As for the rates of admission to the Faculty of Medicine are relative change depending on the overall rate for the lowest and highest rates of graduation from school junior during a given academic year change, and the fact that Faculty of Medicine in Iraq in general and in Babylon University, especially very high rates of requests and acceptance of the number Mabn does not support any direct admission, overall, the acceptance rates lower and upper limits of the college are as follows:
  • 1- higher limits of admission: 99.034.
  • 2- Lower limits of admission: 94.29