Speech of the Dean of the College

In the name of god the most gracious the most merciful

In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful and peace and mercy be upon his messenger 'Mohammad' and his households. I'm honored to welcome you in the website of the college of medicine / Babylon university which is considered as number one college on all levels. knowing that Babylon university has become a remarkable mark among the scientific edifices not just on the Iraqi level but on the Arabian level.

Principally, the college uses developed scientific curriculums and the most recent scientific methods in teaching in order to graduate highly qualified doctors capable of giving best services to the community. The college also has graduate studies programs in many scientific fields with the cooperation of the Iraqi organization for Medical specialties. Moreover, The college administration gives continuous hard work in order to raise the level and develop the educational process. In addition, the college make arrangements with international universities in Europe to keep base with the latest developments and get the local academic accreditation.