The College of Medicine is responsible for the preparation of health cadres capable of achieving better health services to the community. The college should be distinguished in the scientific and social research with the ability to compete locally and globally.


The College seeks to get academic accreditation and the certificate of total quality management at the end of 2015.

Faculty goals

The college seeks to accomplish the following objectives:
  • 1- Preparing qualified cadres scientifically and professionally to provide medical, diagnostic and preventive services.
  • 2- Preparing high standards cadres that have PhD and Ma.Degrees in all medical fields.
  • 3- Close coordination with the Ministry of Health to provide consulting services in health planning.
  • 4- Enhance research movement through achieving scientific, academic and applied research concerned with solving health problems.
  • 5- Promote community service through the achievement of continuing education programs and provide medical and environmental consulting.
  • 6- Cooperating with the civil society organizations that provide health and medical services to the various segments of society.